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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Book Review : 'Timing : Far from the Spaceports' by Richard Abbott

Timing : Far from the Spaceports’, makes for another interesting read. This book takes up from the last book. Just  as he had promised, this book made it way home, right on time. So, in case you do not remember it…
The two main protagonists remain, Mitnash Thakur and his artificially intelligent companion, Slate. Mitnash is a financial fraud investigator, working for the Economic Crime Review Board, or the ECRB. This organization investigates financial discrepancies and glitches that may happen in the solar system. 

This time, we have the two of them heading from Jupiter to Mars. As Mit makes his way, across the worlds, in a few weeks, you’ve got to wonder, about humankind, which has completely taken over, leaving no space for aliens, as all. :) You remember Scilly Isles, which is a group of asteroids, way beyond Mars’s orbit?

The problems are many. We have a newly formed shady group, called as ‘Robin’s Rebels’. You wonder if womankind has truly made its mark, as there are enough of them and then some more. You have the usual good crowd of Parvati and all the rest, who help Mit with his problems. But this time, we have a nihilist group, called ‘Robin’s Rebels’, who happen to be the main ones.

The scheme is to bring down the financial world and the rebels are at it. You also have Mit’s own problems with his girlfriend, Shayna. And then we are kind of shocked to see Mit kind of looking elsewhere, beyond Shayna at Jocasta. The problems, she could bring are many and is supposedly behind Robin’s Rebels.

Will Mit find his way through the entire problem? Will he and Slate find their way out? Will they also find their way through Mars too? On Mars, they run into a school wherein lies the problem, with the principal refusing to declare anything. A little bit of intimidation and a certain amount of coercion from Mit himself, finds its way into the pages, as well.

One thing is that I still am at it. The thing with this book was that it became
Richard Abbott
pretty difficult to read. In the sense, it becomes tougher to grasp the coding jargon. :)
The book is a little difficult to finish. Earlier, I could finish up in a week, but right now it definitely took me more time, as it took me ages to understand it, and grasping is way tougher and little more to find the last pages before bringing up the end. Mitnash and Slate put themselves in front of the enemy. So, will they get out, safe and sound?

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