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Monday, July 17, 2017

Book Review : ‘Encounters of a Fat Bride’ by Samah Visaria

Encounters of a Fat Bride’ by Samah Visaria has its failings, but overall it’s not at all a bad read. It deals with issues of marriage like pressure to get married, not only from parents, but also friends and relatives, the apprehension with regard to one’s physique, and dowry, which it seems; we can never be rid of.

With the pressure of today’s worries like social media, it almost feels as if Madhurima Pandey, all of 25 years and 95 kilos can seemingly never marry. But she does find a job, in the midst of all the discussions and she has begun work. 

The topic was raised again and, because she does manage to get engaged. Harsh comes along, who seems alright. He does not have any recognizable faults, and seems decent. 

The faults, which Madhu looks for are impotency and homosexuality, due to the lack of interest and romance, which the guy possess. Meanwhile, her best friend gets married, and drunken calls are also made to Harsh, due to which she seems to get engaged in a hurry.

Hurry from the guy’s side, surprisingly! And also, the topic of dowry also began. A car was bought, with the plan to be given to the boy. Talks, between the parents seemed never to end. And so, the engagement is broken off by Madhu, when she does find out about the dowry.

Time moves on, and when one day, Madhu spots Harsh at the psychiatrist's. Now, surprisingly the doc is paid a visit, by Madhu and the ‘doctor client confidentiality’ does not really rise.

Will she still go ahead and marry Harsh? Do her loneliness and anxiety and all her issues with her own self, also come into focus? Does Madhu find out if there is anything wrong with herself and Harsh? Will the marriage take place?

The book does have a sense of humour. With its usual jokes on marriage and it’s over the top encounters, the book sure can make us laugh. It is also pretty straightforward. If not for the treatment of mental illness, the book could have been so much better.

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