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Friday, July 28, 2017

Book Review : 'Kitten the Dog' by Priyanka Talreja Garegrat

Read up, Priyanka Talreja Garegrat’s ‘Kitten the Dog’, which is a delight for children, especially those who have a thing for pets! At a pet shop, where a band of cats, dogs, hamsters, turtles, frogs, mice and even snakes rule the roost, comes a man, looking for a pet.

Now funnily enough, he is looking for a dog that looks like a cat for his daughter. The pet shop owner suggests a tiny chihuahua, which is happily bought and taken home. At his home, the man’s daughter, Margi, who was originally expecting a cat, seems kind of disappointed with the whole affair. But the man explains that this delightful breed of dogs is the tiniest of dogs and found in Mexico.

Reluctantly, Margi decides to force the dog to be a cat, and takes it into the ‘teawee’ room, where she puts on a channel called Cat TV. The dog, which is now called Kitten, is made to watch all kinds of cat programmes, all day. The confused puppy, though understood that Margi had been left motherless, decided to meow for her sake. Kitten would keep on trying, but was never quite there yet.

One day, Kitten manages to get out of the house, because he was told by his mother to do so, whenever he felt the need to chase cars. So, he manages to go out onto the highway. The poor fellow is picked up by a couple of cops, who feel sorry for the dog. The two cops, who are chasing after a pet thief, are now put out of action because the pet thief throws a knife at the cops’ car’s glass.

So, currently out of action, they go down to the station, and keep the pup in their care. The pup is put in an adoption drive, which the police decide to have to return the pets that they have found. The pet shop owner, who claims that the chihuahua is his comes to the station and asks for the dog. But the chihuahua does not want to go, due to the ill treatment he was always given at the shop.

Will Kitten be given away to this guy? Will the pet thief ever get caught? Incidentally, will Margi, who put out an advertisement for her missing dog, find him? Also, would the reader try and understand the uncertainty of a child, who only has a father and her trials to convert her cat into a dog?

The illustrations by Archana Rajagopal are endearing and so adorable that you might even consider getting a pet. Link them all and solve this mystery, Folks…

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