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Friday, February 23, 2018

Author Interview : Utkarsh Patel, author of ‘Kannaki's Anklet' (Part 2)

Read up, the second part of the Interview with Utkarsh Patel, author of ‘Kannaki's Anklet' (Part 2). In this part of the Interview, he tells us the most challenging, as well as the most fulfilling parts of writing this book, he also includes which one took precedence, between the storyline and the characters, and the book he is reading currently, Folks...

What were the most challenging and fulfilling parts of writing this book?

One of the most challenging parts of the writing was to write about an epic, whose basic language is not understood by me, i.e. Tamil. The cultural nuances were critical and I did not want to take that away in the course of translation or narrating the story in English.

However, what was fulfilling was when the noted scholar, Dr. Prema Nandakumar wrote the following, in her Foreword to my book, “With my
Dr Prema Nandakumar (indussource.com)
absorption in Tamil literature (ancient and modern) for six decades, 'Kannaki's Anklet
' is the first English transcreation of the Epic, that I have come across. It could not have been easy to choose the format. Reading it, I found that Mr. Patel has done his ground-work with dedication and has made it a meaningful read to muse upon as well.”

Which took precedence between the storyline and the characters?

The storyline. My intention was not to deviate from the original as this was going to be a retelling, as close to the original. 

A few minor characters might have been added, or a few scenes might be included. This was done as a means of enhancing the beauty of the epic and to maintain a pace. But it is as close, to the original as it should be.

Which book are you currently reading?

Currently, I am researching on certain aspects or practices on mythologies of the world, which I intend to bring out through a novel. 
Utkarsh Patel
However, it is at a very conceptual stage and might not warrant much of a discussion.

What book is coming from your desk, next?

Same as above, as there hasn’t been anything finalised as yet.

You can Read the Review, the First Part of the Interview and Buy the Book right here, as well. 

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