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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Book Review : ‘Till the Clouds Roll By’ by Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond’s ‘Till the Clouds Roll By’ is not just another one of his books. This time, it stands different. Of course, it does have the usual odd friends, which he always gets up to. And yes, it does have a little of the books, which are his permanent companions.  But let us look at them, right from the beginning… 

Starting off, we a find ourselves in a train, headed for Dehradun. Little Ruskin, who is only ten years old, is going there for the winter holidays. Unfortunately, his father had passed away, and that is why he is now headed to his mother’s home. She had married elsewhere.

Rusty, who gets in to Dehradun finds himself all alone at the station. His trip to his granny’s house, and then went on to his house, and his meeting with his fellow siblings are all a part of this bit. There is also his mother, stepfather, the daily help at his home and the book store around the corner. 

The movies he went to, the elephants and the deer and all the animals he saw, and even the big hunting trip, that he was made a part of are all a share of the second part.

Agatha Christie : Wikipedia
O Henry: Wikipedia
Then it happens. The books, he finds come into the third part. And of course, this is an exciting bit, because he seems to find them, at all the odd places. MR James, PG Wodehouse, Agatha Christie, O Henry are only a few of the pretty large collection, he found.  It gets more and more exciting.

But it was only when Rusty sees a leopard, when it got the most exciting. While the tiger hunting party, did not seem to spot a tiger even at a distance. Pakoras, bicycles, cooks, scorpions, vinegar, lichees, Ford V8 are all a part of this book.

Then the young boy, goes into the market, and ends up meeting the first wife of his stepfather, Bibiji. With her, he gets talking and even helps her out with her shop. And Rusty’s pregnant mother gives birth to another boy. Besides that, we also have Mohan, Mela Ram, Regal Cinema, and also a pet parrot to complete the book. 

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