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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Author Interview: An Indian, author of 'India Was One'

I still have no idea, who the author is but keeping up the mystery is this Indian. A person who delved into his own memory, to put out ‘India Was One’ gives us his whole perspective on what he does and why and how he does it. 

Marketing is the key is an oft heard phrase, but how it works in spite of the challenges was this author’s fundamental point. Terming his book, ‘Realistic Fiction’ this author chooses to spend his time, marketing his book across the world, he asks us not to give up, but to follow our dream of writing…

How did ‘India Was One’ happen?         
I had this idea playing around my mind, for a while. But I really didn’t know how to end it. I was not happy with the way my book would end. Then certain unfortunate events happened. I then used them in my book to end it the way it satisfied me.

It took me less than a week to pour down my initial ideas/thoughts. Then, it took over a year to expand on them. I finally decided to pen it down in January of 2010.

What is the kind of research has gone into this book?

I was writing the book from my memories and experiences. So I didn’t have to put a lot of effort to do research.

You are living in the USA now. How much of it did influence the fact that you wrote this particular book? And how?

Yes, I live in the USA now. I would say that I wrote what I observed, rather than something influencing me to write.

You have put in a lot of topics such as the different states, and countries and even

day to day lives into the book. How did you achieve it?

I have been fortunate to travel to most of the places described in my book. I just had to recollect my memory. My intention has always been to show how diverse India is to the world.

How diverse the people are. How different we are. But the most important thing is that although we are all very different, we all love India, in our own way.

Was the transition in writing, tougher or smoother than you expected?

Most definitely, tougher. After completing my book, I realized that it was the easy part. Marketing is the harder part. There are so many good books written by talented authors.

I think they are much more qualified, talented, technically correct, etc. than I ever will be. So it is very hard to get my book known.

How much of this book is based on fact and how much is your imagination?

I don’t know if I’d term them as facts. However, I’d say 80% on my experiences and 20% on my imagination. That’s why I call my book a “Realistic Fiction”.

What is the most fulfilling part of writing a book?

Taking a walk down the memory lane. Recollecting my college days, those wonderful times I had with my friends, my life in Mumbai...

What book is coming from your desk, next?

I have not written anything. However, I have some ideas floating around in my head. So, stay tuned.

Any advice to writers that would like to be published today? How tough is it to be published?

Don’t give up. Keep trying. Follow your heart, your dream. If you think that you are doing something right, listen to your heart, and not to others. It is very tough to be published (by others).

So, self-publish. Rather than spending time in finding a publisher, publish it yourself and spend that time marketing your book.

Who are your favourite authors and why?

Rather than saying, ‘my favourite authors’, I’d rather say ‘my favourite books’. They are Harry Potter series. My daughter grew-up with them.

It was a great experience she reading it first, then I reading it, then we discussing it, then we seeing the movie, then we discussing the movie and talking about what was in the book but not in the movie, then eagerly waiting for the next book.

Which book are you currently reading?

What else do you like to do on a daily basis?

I am a web developer by profession. So, most of my day is spent doing that, surfing the net, reading, etc. 

And of course, if India is playing watching a cricket match.

Website: www.IndiaWasOne.com (visit to read the first chapter for free, to read the poem used in the book, to see various artwork used in the book, to see an interactive map of India, to read some reviews, to see what many newspapers all over the world says, etc.)
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