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Monday, February 17, 2014

Book Review : ‘Sons of the Wolf’ by Paula Lofting

'Sons of the Wolf' begins in 1052 and we are told a tale of Robert Champart, the former Archbishop of Cantwarabyrig taking two hostages by the names of Wulfnoth Godwinson and his nephew Hakon to the Duke of Normandy. It would be many years before these hostages return. Many reasons were given by many people. This would serve as a backdrop for this story.

In 1054, we are introduced to a brave Saxon warrior and nobleman, Wulfhere. He returns from battle, when we meet his family. He settles into the family life, when he suddenly finds out that his daughter, Freyda is in love with the son of his much hated neighbour and enemy. He becomes much troubled when he is forced to agree to their betrothal by the Earl of Essex, Harold.

Wulfhere is a part of the English court, as well. He is sometimes in a confused state of mind, thanks to the ways of the court and its many noblemen. The court seems to be in a mess, between the king, queen and her Godwin brothers. The Godwins who are all trying for their fair share, seem to be stuck while they fight for a higher place at court. They also fight for the return of their brother and his nephew.

When Wulfhere is back home, he is suddenly called upon by , a lady Alfgyva he was sexually involved with, a few years ago. She wants him to stand true to his promise of coming to the rescue of his daughter. Wulfhere goes, much to the chagrin of his wife, and finds his daughter dead. He becomes involved with Alfgyva again, only to be discovered by his family.

Home now to Wulfhere is all downhill. Demoralising news to a bloody battle, we are led from one to the other, in this roller coaster ride. What I liked best is Lofting’s beautiful or horrifying imagery (depending on the situation) and her brilliant research and eye for detail.

I liked the book and I hope I can read the next one. Of course, I felt that it was lacking in editing, but Lofting tells me that this would be remedied in the next part. The pronunciation of names and the language of the book was a good move, although I wished I’d seen it before I started reading this eBook. I'm told that it gets like this only in the eBook.

Author: Paula Lofting-Wilcox
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: SilverWood Books
ISBN : 978-1-78132-027-3
Price: Rs 1,373

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