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Friday, February 07, 2014

Reading... Its Necessity. Its Importance.

What does reading mean to us? You might just enjoy it, you might think it is necessary, you might use it as a subject of conversation or just relax with a book or even get it to grow your mind.Whatever maybe the answer, reading should work for you. Reading helps to increase your creativity, it works to broaden your horizon and give you knowledge. 

Let us consider something as simple as Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park’, (the book, not the movie) it taught us a little more about DNA, genetic engineering and chaos theory and not to forget the dinosaurs. I never even knew that they were so many types of this creature. I was fascinated by it, and then came the movie. My science teacher did not get to the many places where ‘Jurassic Park’ had gone.

Now for lessons in geography. England was Enid Blyton’s, alright! She took us to all the wonderful hills, caves and the places for adventure. She taught me of England like no one had done before.

Did I mention the food? She was one for picnics with the
Famous Five’. Ham, cold roast pork, sardines along with vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes, and even dairy products like cream cheese, and poultry with occasional chicken and eggs. Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ had food too. A meal of goose, mashed potatoes and apple sauce. Yum yum! These authors could get one to eat with gusto! That’s my lesson in Home Economics.

Now that I have you attention, let us look at the other advantages of reading. Vocabulary will be up, not to mention concentration. I remember when I read ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. I had to read with all attentiveness that I could muster to understand the French Revolution, a little better. Reading naturally translates into improvement of your writing.

The more you learn and retain, the better you can write. That means increased memory skills. Your analytical skills could improve, as well. For example, let us look at some of the themes in Harry Potter. One can look at it for understanding the relationship of Dumbledore with Harry. Dumbledore repeatedly treats Harry with love, understanding and even respect. Then of course, there is love between Ron and Hermione and Harry and Ginny, which are the usual love stories. A reader tends to look out for themes, as he/she reads on.

Then Good vs Evil. Harry vs Voldemort, Mrs Weasely vs Bellatrix, Harry vs the Dursleys. Again themes, which are oft repeated, in different ways. We tend to notice, and dislike certain characters and some of their wicked ways. It teaches us a lesson in Moral Science, as well. 

Reading can also build your self-esteem. The more you read, the more you know and the more people look to you for answers. Also, reading could help improve one’s discipline. I myself have noticed it. I am more time conscious; I also am looking up dictionaries and thesauruses, and I am also more knowledgeable than I was before. (Call me a show-off)

Also, a book means a chance to relax and imagine. Fantasies and adventures are not just book subjects, but also give you a chance to imagine all the stories in your head. For example, when I read JK Rowling's ‘Harry Potter’, I remember imagining everything in my head. So much so, that the movies could not match up to what I had watched in my head.  

Also, they are entertainment. Inexpensive and everywhere! :) So, let’s read on.
I am off to read, ‘Cell’ which is Robin Cook’s take on medicine and technology.

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