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Monday, May 26, 2014

Book Review : ‘Exodus 2022' by Kenneth G Bennett

Joe Stanton is fast asleep when he is suddenly awakened by the thought of his missing daughter, Lorna Gwin. Worried, he wakes up his girlfriend who is asleep beside him. He rushes around the hotel on San Juan Island in Washington State. The hotel owners are woken up, as are the other guests, before the police are finally called in. 

The problem with the scenario is that Joe does not even have a daughter. It is a little while later that Stanton realises it. Stanton, 28, who is a priest at an Episcopal church, is rushed to the hospital by his girlfriend, Ella who is a nurse. He created a whole uproar for somebody who was not living, at all. Or so, he thinks… 

People attribute the entire situation to drugs, but that was not the case. What is not known to them is that three other people are suffering similar mental breakdowns, and it has killed all the others on the Pacific coast.

Meanwhile, we find ourselves on a ship in the Pacific coast, wherein there is a huge corporation at work. With the help of scientists, Sheldon Beck, the leader of the corporation, wants to find out what went wrong with his plan. He with the help of other scientists is discovering the powers of telepathy and telekinesis.

He also has help from ex-SEAL officers and they are all a part of the team. A billionaire weapons contactor, who is behind this whole calamity, Beck is the super villain of this story.

In the meantime, Stanton is back at work but he wants to know what exactly it was that went wrong with him, and where the voices were coming from. With his girlfriend’s help, he manages to find his way out and soon discovers that the voice is coming from Mia, a whale in the Pacific Ocean. Mia, who is heading a migration of all the sea animals, has a problem and she wants Stanton to take care of it.

How Stanton finds this out, how he discovers people ready to help him, what his role is in the global disaster, how the villains of the corporation want to handle things their way, how he discovers telepathy to handle the global catastrophe are all just a part of this tremendous sci-fi episode.

I did not like it when it started off, but as pages were read and sources discovered, I began to understand the book better. It’s not every day that we discover whales and their communication skills. Pretty brilliant, except for the super villains, whose part was a little overdone. 

What I liked best about it is the fact that, the author, Kenneth G Bennett was never in a hurry to explain everything at one go. He took his own time in letting parts of the book sink in. It is a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, romance and even ecological statements, that it has to give out to the readers.

An interesting scheme and partly likable characters. I say that, as I thought that the villain could have been given a better developed plot. I felt that his part was roughly written and not given its due, whereas the book seemed to go on and on. His part was largely underdeveloped. Overall, a good book, well researched and well-written, and I think another part is due, it since Exodus 2022 definitely calls out for it…

Author: Kenneth G Bennett
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
ISBN: 9781620152126
Price: Rs 1232/-

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