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Friday, May 30, 2014

Writing... Its Necessity. Its Importance.

I never knew that to write I require skills, of a sort. I always thought that it was the simplest thing to do. I would find a nice, quiet place, or a place where I could listen to some music and I would begin. The idea has to strike and then one would write away.

I always found it surprising whenever people asked me how I wrote, and I found that I did not have an answer. It is true, I do not know how to write exactly, but it was just doing something which I enjoyed. But the thing is I never knew how to tell people that.

So, right now I am putting down a few tips or whatever I have found to write and write better.

To write, one must read. I have written about the need for reading, even reading fiction. I have also written about editing, but then I realised, what could you edit if you had not written anything.

So, I attempted this post. The beauty of writing and its many advantages. So, let us begin:

Read and read some more.

I do not know how one can begin writing if one does not read; reading is essential. You could begin with newspapers, magazines, essays, short stories, fiction, non-fiction or even articles. Basically, just aboout everything. The idea is to find a path to the written word. This kind of reading could help you to understand the different types of writing and eventually develop your own style.

Remember to write for a little while, every day.

If you read a lot, then you could begin writing. It does not have to be much, just a paragraph a day. If you keep writing paragraph after paragraph, then you probably could write an essay or a short story. It could become a habit and soon, you could be doing, it not for sake of writing but because you just love to write.

Read whatever you write, aloud. 

It would help you to find any mistakes, or check if anything is repetitive or just too long. For example, I found that I wrote ‘misakes’ instead of ‘mistakes’. Missing letters are easily found.

You could find grammatical errors, or even missing punctuation marks. Make sure that whatever is sent out is proofread first.

Also, be to the point. 

Note that whatever you want to say is going through to the other person. It should say what you need to say, not just whatever you want to say. 
Also, do get someone else to read whatever you have written. 

It will make it easier for you to know if what you are saying is understood by the other person.

Make time to write.

If you do it every day, perhaps you could become a writer too. :)

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