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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Poetry Review : The Crossover open heart verses by Sunil Sandeep

Written by Sunil Sandeep, these verses are an attempt to say something beyond merely understanding and letting it rest. This 32-year-old poet, who was born in the once princely kingdom of Mysore put together this book, after he went through quite the cycle of what he ‘sees as his dreams, his perception of what is real and the path that he feels is Nature's way...'.

This book of poetry is one which started with a Why? This is the first poem in this book and he questions the need, he feels to express himself. He lists a series of reasons, wondering why it is exactly that he wrote such a book.

is it because I am meant for this,
or is it just my ego speaking…
is it because that I have something unfinished
or is it because I have reached the goal

The first part of the book is titled ‘Dreams’, second part is ‘Reality’ and the third part is ‘The Path’. I liked the first poem,

i reach out to you
to the unknown face
hidden in the mist of my dreams
my eyes search for your presence

The poet begins with this warmth and tenderness, to allow the reader in to his own perceptive world. This he does, while wondering about the various situations, that a person could find himself in. The Dreams section is one, which deals with the various visions a person could have whether happy, sad or painful, blissful, and whether known or not. The poems are fairly simple and easy to understand, yet they can catch you at the very deepest of your emotions.

The second part of the verses is Reality. These contain poems on politics, media, ego, anger, religion, social realities, money, roads and traffic that so many of us complain about every single day. In this section, he attempts to capture all these varied feelings in these verses, while you try to

free yourselves from the bondages of the world
thats the only way to live a peaceful life

Finally, there is The Path is which he explains about god and his ways, while we try

to seek the truth is our birth right
there is no need for us to fight
the supreme experience has no fee
we can sing and dance in glee

He tells us of the path with difficulties, but he gives us the reason to still find our way through the path because

i have hidden treasures in each one of you
it’s only a matter of time till you find it
keep digging and never stop
you are bound to see the light             

This book has a personal nature to it. It talks of so many things in purely verse format, and makes us wonder about so many things which we see and feel every single day but never make an attempt to worry about the solutions.

I personally liked a few poems, 5, 12, 14, 20, 26, 30, 33, 40, and 47. The book, really did not appeal too much to me, yet I found that these few verses had me questioning various aspects of life. So, I would recommend this book to those who are attempting to understand life, a little more.

Poet: Sunil Sandeep
Illustrations: Betty Bileterka
Publisher: Partridge Publishing India
ISBN: 9781482821017 
Price: Rs 350/- 

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