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Monday, July 21, 2014

Book Review : ‘Done With Men' by Shuchi Singh Kalra

Done With Men’ begins in a hospital where you have the patient, Kairavi or Kay being worriedly looked at by her best friend, Baani. So, you might be thinking that the story might be another one of those ones, with the heroine on her death bed and the hero coming in to rescue her.

But thankfully, nothing of this sort happens (well, the death bed is out). And I was sighing away in relief. So, in a hospital in Goa, we soon discover that Kay is a travel writer with a job in Mumbai. Her best friend, Baani gets her off on this trip to Goa for the New Year. The idea behind it is that Kay, who has been in a bad relationship has to recover while writing her travel story.

Kay, who was drunk and almost in a lesbian experience falls and injures herself. She was trying to escape her ex-boyfriend who lands up in the same place, with a hot girl in tow. So, cut to the accident. 

Stuck in the hospital for a few days, Kay soon discovers that her doctor is the good looking Vivian, who might have a girlfriend. As time passes, she becomes friendly with the doc and we soon have him taking her out on a date. 

Kay soon finds that she likes him too, when she discovers that the only photo he has on his desk are his sister’s and nephew’s. We soon discover that the two are in love. Baani, on the other hand might not be going strong with Kapil, who she has been in love with, for a long time and we also welcome Kay's editor/boss, Ravi, who is in love with the girl, who almost had the lesbian encounter with Kay!

How will this tale, which is fast turning into a disaster, end? What does happen in the finale in this very confusing but funny story is the author's take on love life. A smart girl, but still stuck in the fanciful aftermath of love is this chick flick’s end. Oh, she is in hospital again, although you have to read it to discover the end.

The novella has a simple tale and had all the necessary trimmings at the correct places. Oh, did I mention that I did not find even a single grammatical error? Liked the book's cover too, since it reminds us about our own vacations! The author, Shuchi Singh Kalra’s stuck to the story with all its misadventures and Kay’s inevitable conclusions.

Author: Shuchi Singh Kalra
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Indireads
ISBN: 978-1-927826-32-4
Price: Rs 199 /-

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