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Friday, July 04, 2014

Writing and Random Things...

There are times when I do not get inspired at all, to write. I could read a book, listen to music and look around but unfortunately I cannot seem to find one thing to help me write. One such day, I happened to be just looking around, and suddenly, I was caught by an idea.

I remember thinking, why could I not write just by looking at things. Old pictures are full of inspiration, For example, a picture of my grandmother. Grandmother just sitting at the window, you could imagine what she is thinking, or what she could be feeling. Is it your grandfather or perhaps something a person said the other day?

My grandfather too. In fact, he inspired me to write on him and my grandmother. How they met, how they got married. Am sure, a little bit of what he way saying was madly imagined, but hey, so was my story. In fact, he inspired quite a bit. Soon, I was imagining his time, his car, his long walks and his bus rides and his falls. 

My parents too had funny stories of their own. How my mother was in a small town, and how she managed to spoil a lamp and how she slept through the night to avoid being punished. My father has his own stories, of all the places we went to, when he was being transferred across the state. So, did my cousin, and childhood friends.

Or maybe if you look out of the window, you could probably see a couple of cars or bikes. Who are on them and what could they be thinking, sitting or maybe riding into the sunset, or perhaps going to a shopping mall, or just going for a ride?

Or perhaps scenes from a window. Of how many people lived there in the colony, how they all landed up at my home in the evenings, how all the birds were cooing at my window, or how the sun peeps out in the mornings, or how it goes into the clouds or disappears for the night. How it invites the moon to replace it for the twelve hours, how the moon comes along, how it could be milky white, how the neighbour’s dog should stop barking etc. :)

Or maybe, when you are out on a holiday, all the places you see, how much they inspire you or a scene could be wrapped in beauty, or perhaps hold a little sadness when you leave the place.

Or perhaps you had a dream last night, of which you can remember bits and pieces, but can use your imagination to stretch it further. The things you watch on television, or perhaps a movie or a book.

Any of these could or should inspire you in some way or the other. Nowadays, am so desperate for stories that I look for a story everywhere. So, can you imagine a story? An idea? Or even dream of it?

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