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Friday, July 18, 2014

Writing and Dreaming... Many thoughts. Many Ideas.

Dreams and writing are two totally different things. But then, the connection they have is evocative. One is something which could occur at night. You wake up in the morning and if you remember it, you would probably look for meaning of it.

Writing is something which you have to be conscious for and you are probably not dreaming, when you do it. Bringing the two of them together was something, I had never thought of. Once I had a strange kind of dream, when I dreamt of a friend, who lives far away was weirdly enough, in a tree. The tree seemed to grow around her, and all around was a jungle. I woke up and on realising that it was a dream I just had I put it down on paper. Of course, I found out that my friend was doing pretty well, unlike in my dream.

The first thing from that dream I got was, an idea. An idea, which I developed into a story. That was when I decided to dream and write about it. Of course, does not happen that often. Writing characters for your story can be got out of dreams. Some body could be angry or happy to see you. Why and how could be the main things, one needs to think of.

But then, I could always day-dream. I remember the time when I was going on a trip, and I did not have much to do. And I used to end up day- dreaming. And what stories, I used to think of. When I was at school too, I used to day dream in every class. That would explain a few things, but let’s not go into that now. :)
You can pause for minutes during writing, to just think about something and actually let it flow into a dream. I know that I can spend minutes doing this, and actually develop the idea, or perhaps a person’s character, and the circumstances he is under.

It becomes easier to do so, when one can actually view it. It gives you perspective and you can view it at different angles. You must put every dream you can remember through a good thinking process. This gives you a framework for what you can do. Remember your thought process of the all the things, before and after your dream. What you were thinking of before you went to sleep, and what did you wake up with. (Some of the best ghost stories, I could write, were due to dreams.)

Soon, you could be a) Getting imaginary ideas b) You can develop and imagine sequences of your dreams c) You could have a clearer mind and a fresher perspective since you are emotionally free of anything when you are dreaming.

Either way, at least you are letting your imagination grow. So, good night and sweet dreams! :)
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