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Monday, October 20, 2014

Book Review : ‘Lost Words' by Saheli Mitra

 Lost Words’ by Saheli Mitra is an extremely interesting novel. The twists in this story, which revolve around a young girl, Geet are the ones that manage to grab your attention. 

The story revolves around two generations and talks of love and lust. Geet, who is preparing for her life to progress into marriage with her family friend, Jai who lives in the USA. The saga of Geet’s and Jai’s is an old one, since the two have been together since childhood and there is even a tale of Geet going to the US for her studies.

But, unfortunately the twist comes in. The family with the mother, father and brother is a peaceful one, until Geet discovers an old box of letters. Letters written by her now deceased mother. The content of the letters is controversial to say the least.

The beauty of Calcutta is captured in these pages. It gives one an idea of a peaceful yet mysterious city. What is the mystery and how does Geet manage to resolve it form the crux of the novel? Does she manage to marry her love, what did the letters say, how are the relationships in question? How does she handle her issues of social customs and patriachy?

This 96 page novel contains them all. I felt that the book was good, except for a few grammatical errors. Overall, I felt that this is one book, which I would recommend.

Author: Saheli Mitra
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Partridge Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4828-2208-3
Price: Rs 250/-

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