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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Book Review : ‘Svaha : A Battle of Epic Proportions' by Pratik Kamat

I thought I would like ‘Svaha : A Battle of Epic Proportions’ when I first heard of it, so my excitement when I received it was palpable. Anyways, I opened the book, with a million thoughts in my head, as is quite obvious when I opened any book. This one said mythology too!

The opening chapter talks of a Somali pirate ship, in search of an ancient weapon. The chapter moves on to a Dravidian cult, a religious person and a powerful high priest.

We are then thrown into the sea, in the form of the wild child, Slash who drives her bike in, thanks to her irresponsible riding and eventually a crash. As she finds herself, being tugged upwards from the water and soon lying beside her bike. She soon discovers that she has been rescued by a superhero, of whom she has to find out more.

So, now we are in for a ride. Bikes, computer codes, ancient weapons, superheroes, gods, monsters and the like. That’s not all, we find ourselves in the middle of a terrorists, border disputes, and the LTTE and the Kargil War to boot. Wait, that’s not all, the story runs into a little romance, some relationships, between father-daughter, a couple of mentor - disciple’s.

I haven’t even started. Basically, as we go along, we discover that it is up to Slash to save the world. This is her destiny, as her father who left her and her mother, all those years ago.

As we survive the whole story plot, we are driven into sub-plots, along the way. I am not going to reveal anything else, because if I haven’t got adrenaline rushing, then I do not how it works. We have a bit of mythology, fantasy, history, military strategies, the good and evil, and a healthy dose of a couple of people, known simply as the Jurors.  I am also guessing that we have more sequels on the way.

Perhaps, the whole thing was little too much of everything, but if it means an advent on an Indian Superhero, then Welcome Pratik Kamat. It’s a chess game, this book. You have to fight to survive, and go through the many loopholes to see the Queen, in the end. 

Author: Pratik Kamat 
Genre: Fiction
Publisher : Westland Books
ISBN : 978-93-83260-50-8
Price : Rs 350/-

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