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Friday, October 03, 2014

September Round-Up!

This has been quite the satisfactory month for me. Considering the wide range
Under Delhi
of books which went down this term, I would say this has been quite the month. Starting off with ‘Under Delhi’ and ‘The Final Report’, I then moved on to a favourite Ruskin Bond’s ‘Uncles, Aunts and Elephants’ and ended up with an author who is fast becoming another favourite, Devdutt Pattanaik, in the form of ‘Shikandi and Other Tales They Don’t Tell You’. You can Buy the Books by Clicking on the Links above.

Now to the other topic, why did I enjoy this month. Firstly, because it dealt with important topics such as harassment of women, a topic which was discussed comically yet was so blended with sensitivity that it had me turning the pages, quickly. Vigilante and a good cop are probably what make up for the best parts in this book, 'Under Delhi'.

The Final Report
Then, I went on to deal with a whodunit, in the form of police and a mystery thriller, ‘The Final Report’. Firstly, a death where we are stuck with not knowing whether it is a suicide or a murder. Secondly, we are dealing with gossip, the filmi ishtyle. Thirdly, we have about three cases which need immediate action. It could give the police on the silver screen a run for their money.

Uncles, Aunts & Elephants
Now, we come to an author, who has taken up a lot of my time quite pleasantly. ‘Uncles, Aunts and Elephants’. We have reached the second bit of my stories this month. This is a collection of children’s short stories. There is three parts to this in the form of fiction, non-fiction and poems. The book in an insight into Ruskin Bond’s life and it goes on to tell us the adventures him and his family had got up to.

Fourthly, we come to another favourite topic of mine. This time, it is mythology in the form of ‘Shikhandi and Other Tales They Don’t Tell You’. It again deals with the queerness and the LGBT factors, both of which are an important factor in today’s lives. The fact that they were
so prevalent in mythology and were so well hidden in plain sight makes it quite the book.  

You can Read the Reviews above, in these links.
I also did three of interviews, this term. Started off with an Interview with RV Raman for Fraudster (The Review) and then an Interview with Raghu Srinivasan, and then on to Part II of it, who told us how the history of book, ‘The Avatari’ (The Review) started before slipping into the research and how they relate them to lives, today. This had to be done in two parts because of it length and its interest factors.

Then, we also dealt with an Interview with  Sorabh Pant. ‘Under Delhi’  (The Review) was quite comical and I thought he never let anything slip. The way he puts it made it a good read.
The Mistress of Spices- From TU to Readers

Also, on My Views this time, was a Teacher’s Day Special, where I wrote a little about two teachers who had the most influence on my life and work. Then I did a little bit about Ruskin Bond and the ‘almost meeting’. And of course, I had to write a little thank you note to my readers, for reading, to authors for writing and answering my interview questions and also publicists at the various publishing houses.

That was the September Month and very, very cool it was. Cannot wait to get started on October's Reads!


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