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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Author Interview : Olivier Lafont, author of ‘Warrior' (Part 2)

Read up, Folks... The much awaited Author Interview (Part 2) of Olivier Lafont. In this, he shares a few more details, of how he manages to relate the characters in the book to today's lives, and his favourite authors and also what he is reading currently, Folks...

How would you relate the life of Saam’s life to the lives today? Any similarities?

Beyond the son-of-Shiva-immortal-demigod aspect, I think Saam’s personal struggle with his identity, with the role of his family in his life, with who he wants to be versus what his past experience has defined him as, I think these are things that people can relate to.

How would you relate the book and its various characters to the lives today?

Olivier Lafont
The main personal themes of ‘Warrior’, which touch on identity, love, family, loyalty and betrayal and are depicted in a variety of nuances through the events and characters in the story, are themes that I think people can always relate to, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Any challenges you had to face while writing this particular book? 

I don’t think there were any challenges I faced. The entire process was fluid and organic, and such fun from end to end.

What is the most fulfilling part of writing this book?

Knowing that the story I created is being read and enjoyed by people. 

What are you planning on writing next? When would you see that released?

I have a few fiction ideas in mind. What I’m working on right now are a couple films with myself as the main character, for which I’m looking for a producer.

Who are your favourite authors and why?
My recent favourite authors are George R.R. Martin, Mark Lawrence, Brandon Sanderson. They all write epic fiction that is extremely detailed and complete, but that is also really fun.

Pierre Bordage
Which book are you reading, currently?

I’m reading French author Pierre Bordage, an award-winning science fiction and fantasy author, ahead of meeting him later in August for a literature event.

What do you do on a day to day basis, besides writing stories?

My days generally look completely different. Between shooting, promoting the book, voice over work, and of course writing, no two days are actually alike. I try to keep some regularity with exercise and a work structure when possible. 

Otherwise I just shrug, grab the bar, and let the roller coaster take me where it will 

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