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Monday, August 24, 2015

Book Review? : ‘Netagiri' by Cyrus Broacha

I have been kicking myself for not having read Cyrus Broacha’s books. So, after ages, I finally opened his latest book, (apparently, he is already an established author) ‘Netagiri’. 

Alas, the joke was on me because, I wish I had not spent such a long time regretting not having read the previous books. I really do not have the guts to ask for them, anymore.

I have read a lot of books and some of them, quite nonsensical, but I thought this one took the cake. Because here was a book, a nonsensical book of nuisance.  I was expecting a satirical story, but it was unfortunately so bad, that I can only say that perhaps I am not the one to be doing this kind of a review. Beyond the fact, that there are no mistakes in the English, its best ends there.
So, all I can do is wish all the luck to Gyaandostaan and its citizens, and really pray that Cyrus stick to television shows (As they seem to be making him some money, at least).

I will not bother to write the review, as there really isn’t any point now, is there? Sorry, Cyrus I did enjoy watching ‘Bakra’, as you do make good fools of people and I’m afraid, that you did make one of me too. :(
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