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Friday, August 21, 2015

Reading when Bored?

Tom Sawyer Whitewashing the Fence

What can you read when you are bored? You can try asking me, I live off reading and writing… what would I know? If I said stories, you would be thinking of all the novels, I am meant to read and write about. But, I have an idea…

Try reading short stories from school. :) Firstly, they could be over before you know it, and secondly, the story would be easier to understand and more fun with no teacher breathing down your neck. And if you are as mad as me, you might just have a few copies from your old school books.

So, you might want to try some of these. A short story by Mark Twain, named ‘Tom Sawyer Whitewashing the Fence’ scores as my absolute favourite. It is such awesome humour, social commentary and a few lessons too. Or perhaps, a couple of RK Narayan or Ruskin Bond stories even.

Then, there are the Panchatantra short stories or perhaps a few Amar Chitra Katha stories. Not too many ACKs in school, but they are there from all those years ago. Or maybe you could try some of the Akbar-Birbal stories.

Some of these tales are illustrated, so you can give your imagination a break. I absolutely love the figures of all the animals in some of the Panchatantra tales. 

I have never seen such a funny jackal or a cooler looking fire breathing dragon. Some of the international tales or even the African folk tales are exciting too. A few American and British stories as well. Or perhaps Aesop’s fables or maybe even fairy tales for the romantic ones.  You might give ‘The True Story of Three Little Pigs’ a go too. Or perhaps ‘The Lorax’ ? My god, there is no end!!

And I am not saying that these books are for children only, but so many of these could be for adults, who might be bored or just kind of staring blankly at their computers…So, ‘Read up, Folks’, and bring on the fun…

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