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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Author Interview : Jaydeep Khot, author of ‘50 Miles : A Reverse Journey' (Part 2)

Read up, the second part of the Interview with Jaydeep Khot, author of '50 Miles : A Reverse Journey'. 

In this section, he talks of the most fulfilling parts in the book, the character he felt most close to, his next book, and also his favourite authors, and then a little more, Folks...

What are the most fulfilling parts in your book?

The entire book is the most fulfilling experience of my life. I never thought, I could ever finish the book completely, because I am good at short stories and essays. Well, there is always a first time.

Though, If I am told to choose, I would go for the part where there is the teaching scene. As it is a personal experience, it is very close
Jaydeep Khot
to my heart.

Which particular character did you feel most close to? Why?


This is because he is very confused in life. I have a lot of friends and family members, who have been like this.

On a personal note, I was the same way, when I was a teenager in school.

But this does not mean Haria is my reflection. He isn’t. He is completely different from me. We are poles apart.

The confusion he has in his life, brings me closer to him on a sympathetic front.

Do you have another book planned? If so, what is it about?

Yes, It is Envisage - Looking into the future. It a about a girl, Kasak who has power to see the future and therefore, she prevents crime with the help of these powers.

Kasak was also a character in ‘50 Miles - A Reverse Journey’.
But they both are unrelated. Or are they? Who knows?

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Which book are you currently reading?

I am reading ‘Business as Usual’ by Deepak Chawla. It is a collection of short stories published by The Write Place.

I completed reading the first short story and I am totally awestruck by the author’s command over the language and creating a thinking process, which is very rare in Indian authors.

Who are your favourite authors and why?

J.K. Rowling because she knows how to touch children’s hearts and that is something I would love to have one day.

Chetan Bhagat, because of his simplicity of English language. He knows how to communicate even to the sectors of the society, which don’t have good command over the language.

What else do you do on a daily basis?

I am a final year CA student. I attend classes for six hours a day. Study for an hour every day. Read as much as I can. Go to the and practise running for the SCMM 2016 21.1 kms, which I am hopeful I will be running.

Help my sister in her 9th grade history and civics. Watch TV shows and tweet about them.

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