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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Book Review : '50 Miles : A Reverse Journey’ by Jaydeep Khot

‘50 Miles : A Reverse Journey’ was an experiment. And what a poignant experiment, it was. It spoke of a 50 year old man, waking up one night at 3.15 am and realising that he does not remember anything at all. He has amnesia!

From this page on, you are put through 60 odd pages of one man’s life. But this one goes, backwards. It took the best of the author to think and write backwards. But there it was…

The person goes through his life’s journey in reverse order. He discovers that his name is Haria and the circumstances that follow it, can make it surprisingly interesting! The reader discovers his girlfriends, wife and even his children. There is also his business, his jobs, and even the cases, against him.  The page turner goes on to understand the person’s life, but in inverse order.

As he attempts to understand more, Haria finds certain smidgeons and hints of his life, which occur in reverse sequential order. So the journey, which began at age 50, ends at age 0. It seemed a tragic, but an oddly adventurous life. 

The author, Jaydeep Khot does a good job, but of course it did get a little confusing in the middle, but the overall mystery made it a good read, for the hour it took to finish it. 

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