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Monday, October 12, 2015

Book Review : 'Ready... Steady... Exit’ by PC Balasubramanian

Ready.. Steady.. Exit by PC Balasubramanian is a humorous adventure of two CAs, who want to make it big in their field. And they are not waiting for anyone... Gautam completed Chartered Accountancy after a few attempts and ended up with Anand, a close friend, who had managed to clear the dreaded CA exam, in the first attempt itself. 

Gautam and Anand set up FAB, which is an accounting services company. They provide services to companies, which prefer outsourcing their work. Then walk in Vimal and Ruchi, a brother-sister duo, who provide an additional revenue source. The company begins to grow, with the addition of these two.

Meanwhile, both Anand gets married and Gautam finds the person, who he has loved for a long time. 

Back to business, as the four have a problem when they notice that there are certain things, which are not going the right way. Would problems at work with the other two develop, and would the resolution of which, bring about the intangible end?

The book is an entrepreneurial venture, with a dash of romance. It also touches upon the family and friends factors, which are ever so important in today’s scenarios. The family factor also makes up for the funny bits, in the book. It is definitely a must read for most entrepreneurs and financiers, with its drama and humour.

The first fiction, for PC Balasubramanian, who had written two non-fiction bestsellers, ‘Rajini’s Punchatantra’ and ‘Grand Brand Rajini’. As one can see actor, Rajinikant is a major influence, and it showed throughout this fiction piece too. PC Bala has a dry sense of humour, which carried into his book, as well. 

Only two small things, were the spelling of Aamir Khan, which was written as Amir Khan, otherwise there were no grammatical errors, at all. But, people never look for mistakes in proper nouns, but I cannot help it. After all, even I get upset when people do not write my name correctly. :) There are a couple of others, as well. Otherwise, it was absoutely brilliant, grammatically.

Author : PC Balasubramanian

Publisher : Srishti Publishers and Distributors
ISBN : 9789382665403
Price : Rs 120/-

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