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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Author Interview : Anuja Chandramouli, author of ‘Shakti : The Divine Feminine' (Part 2)

Read up, the Interview with Anuja Chandramouli (Part 2). In this section, she talks of how she relates the book's charcters to lives today, the most fulfilling parts in the book, the characters she felt most close to, her next book, and also her favourite authors, and a lot more, Folks...

How would you relate the book and its characters, to lives today?

I think men and women will be able to relate to the book. Struggle is a part of all of our lives and we all wrestle with the challenges life throws our way. 

After every remarkable win or spectacular failure, we gear up for the next round. And on and on it goes. To paraphrase, Mufasa; this is the circle of life, the game of Maya, that we all play till it is time to stop. Or restart. 

Which is your favourite character besides Shakti? Why?

I really liked Mahisha, the buffalo demon. If there is one thing, I seriously adore, it is a good villain and he was really awesome. What surprised me was that multi - layered psyche of his and the goodness that was safe deep within him even at the height of his psychotic rage.

What are the most fulfilling parts in your book?
Anuja Chandramouli

I loved Durga and Mahisha’s portions. Kali’s character shaped up very well, as well. Finally, Shakti’s relationships with Vishnu and Shiva are very beautiful.

What are your expectations from this book, considering ‘Arjuna’ and ‘Kamadeva’ did so well?

I am so proud of my ‘Shakti : The Divine Feminine’. What I have gained from it is special and the response from readers has been truly overwhelming. Honestly, I can ask for nothing more.

You have managed to make most of the gods and goddesses not look so, divine. How do you differentiate them from the usual understanding of these characters that we get to read about?

I studied in a Catholic school and the Creation story says that man was made in the image of God. Perhaps that stuck with me, and while writing, I figured that it works the other way around as well and the divinity is actually more human than most humans are.

As to how they may be differentiated from a usual understanding of these characters, I think the irreverence employed by yours truly, coupled with genuine affection makes it easier to get to know them on truly intimate terms.

What book is coming from you next?

Hopefully, a rip – roaring fantasy that will be impossible to put down!

Did you think that they would become as successful as they have become today?

I think there is a long way for me to go in order to claim to be a truly successful individual. Work is still in progress and the plan is to get there sooner rather than later.

Haruki Murukami
Which book are you currently reading?

I just finished Krishna Shastri Devulapulli’s wickedly witty and absolutely hilarious 'How to Be a Literary Sensation : A Quick Guide to Exploiting Friends, Family and Facebook for Artistic Gain'. Haruki Murakami’s, 'A Wild Sheep Chase' in next on the menu. 

Jeffrey Archer
Who are your favourite authors and why?

I have many favourites – Agatha Christie and Jane Austen are perennially delightful. Jeffrey Archer is one hell of a storyteller and I find myself reading his books over and over again simply because his stories are so exquisitely crafted.

Calvin and Hobbes
Terry Brooks and George RR Martin are the reigning gods of fantasy. Bill Watterson is simply awesome because I never can get enough of 'Calvin and Hobbes'! God bless them all for the gift of stories! 

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