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Friday, January 29, 2016

Author Interview : Jane De Suza, author of ‘SuperZero' (Part 1)

Read up, the first part of the Interview with Jane De Suza (Part 1), the author of 'SuperZero and the Grumpy Ghosts'. In this section, she talks of how the journey began, how she came up with the core idea and developed it, how the characters came about,  and a lot more, Folks...

How did ‘SuperZero’ series begin? Could you describe the journey?

‘SuperZero’ was sold even before it was written. I was introduced to Niyati, the amazing editor from Puffin, who started talking to me about possible books I could write for them, and when I floated this idea, she loved it, and from then it was “easy-peasy choco-cheesy” in the words of SuperZero himself. 

How did you come up with the core idea and develop it? 

I saw the little kids around me run around with their moms’ dupattas as superhero capes, and I wondered what little superheroes would be like.
Would they be little muscled wonders? OR would they be scared of the dark, would they have homework hassles, would they trouble their mothers? So I began to imagine them up and write them up. 

How did the characters, especially SuperZero’s and the rest of the super heroes come about?

SuperZero just popped into my head. A hero, who started out life with no powers. A zero. Then I needed to inhabit the book with his other superhero friends. 

So. there was a snake girl called Anna Conda, and a kid who goes invisible called Blank, and a darling little vampire who is called Vamp Iyer. I needed to keep the characters both relatable to as well as lovable.
The second book has ghosts, but these too are likeable and funny ones, with quirky characters.

What according to you is different about your book?

This is one of the few out and out laugh-a-line books I’m told by the kids who read it. The ‘SuperZero’ series does NOT try to dictate morals or preach.

It is downright funny, and I think that’s why kids like it so much. Humour is so needed (and so little found) in their serious hectic lives today.

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