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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Author Interview : Jane De Suza, author of ‘SuperZero' (Part 2)

Read up, the Interview with Jane De Suza  (Part 2). In this section, she talks about the most challenging parts in the book, which book she is currently readingalso her favourite authors, and a lot more, Folks...

What was the most challenging part about writing the book?

Writing the books was a smooth-flowing, delightful process, especially since Niyati of Puffin supported me every inch of the way. 

If there was anything challenging, it would be in making an inroad into the Children’s Literature arena, which is still dominated by Western authors. Just getting the book known and into the hands of kids was a challenge. Once it’s in their hands, I’m convinced they’ll love it. 

Which book are you currently reading?

I’m re-reading one of my all-time favourites, 'Paddy Clarke ha ha ha' by Roddy Doyle. Gorgeous book!

Who are your favourite authors and why?

While growing up, I read wildlife and animal books. So, Jack London’s ‘The Call of theWild’, Eric Knight's ‘Lassie’, Walter Farley's ‘Black Stallion’ etc.   

And I stumbled upon my father’s selection of delightfully funny Just William series by Richmal Crompton, which till today, are my comfort reads.

What else do you do on a daily basis? 

I write for a living, one of those lucky people who earns (not so much) money from doing what they love. 

I was a Creative Director with an advertising agency when I left to write full-time, but I still conduct lateral thinking workshops, write for magazines and advertising clients.

What book is coming from your desk, next?

Jane De Suza
My next is a  novel for adults. It’s in the humour genre again – a loony story about a woman, who runs away to get married and then gets stuck with a houseful of kids and inlaws, and wants to run away again - a very non-serious look at it, of course. 

A story that is finding echoes already among the women I discuss it with.


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