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Monday, February 08, 2016

Book Review : 'The Pirate Train' by Nicole Plyler Fisk and Jack Fisk

The Pirate Train’ by Nicole Plyler Fisk and Jack Fisk, is a super delightful illustrated book about a pirate family. The illustrations by Chad Vivas are awesome; you got to see them to believe them. If you get an idea, from the book cover! 

The Yo-Ho Matey family had Pirate Dad, Pirate Mom, Pirate Sis, Pirate Bro, and little Parrot Tom too, to keep them company. They are aboard their ship and off into the great wide seas. They spend their days, with their map, a spyglass and a treasure too! 

Everything was good to go, when suddenly they have a slight problem. Pirate Bro one day, finds himself unwell. So sick was he that Pirate Mom says that they cannot travel by sea, any longer. Pirate Sis gets most upset, and yells at him, but Pirate Dad calms her down and tells her of the various travel modes that they have.

He tells them of air, water, and snow. But, unfortunately they could not find a single way to travel, except by a train. Will the Pirate Family travel together in the end? How do they do that? Do they find a place big enough for them all? Where could they all sit and talk and eat?

'The Pirate Train' is a brilliant one, not just because it has a simple story, but also because of all the cool gear, which everyone puts on. They are all pirates, after all. Plus, it tells us all why we need to stay as a family and have all the high sea food and fun!  

This book is only the first of a seven part series. So, check it out and do grab a copy, definitely.

You could Buy the Book right here :)

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