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Monday, February 22, 2016

Book Review : 'In God's Wishlist' by Pradipta Panda

In God’s Wishlist’ by Pradipta Panda is an odd story. It begins with God speaking to us, through television and then detailing what according to him is the state of the world. He then goes on to describe what he needs to do, for bringing about a change, as he sees it. 

The story begins now.

Firstly, he picks Sourav, a young man, busy at work in his office to handle God’s work. Sourav, who is recently heartbroken, is now spending a lonely, drunken weekend, when as if from nowhere a woman takes form. She tells him that she is a spirit, and she will not exist for the world but only for him. She calls herself, Cinderella and she slowly begins to take over the role of his lover. 

As the story moves on, we are told that Cinderella is working in coordination with God, and soon Sourav is also working with Him. God’s plan is one of beauty and love and he has chosen Sourav. Cinderella is the spirit, who will help the individual put the plan into action. 

Sourav, who moves from one beautiful woman to another, is all set to solve their problems and by that I mean the world’s problems. Starting with his former girlfriends, to a current colleague, on to  politicians, all beautiful international women touched by international events, such as wars, poverty and terrorism.

He also has meetings with God and the spirit. He manages to get some power through his work, which he uses for the good of the world. Including flying around, or helping people to fly around.

What struck me, right at the beginning was that the story was decent in concept. Starting out with an individual, Sourav and actually introducing him to the world’s horrifying events, and asking him to resolve them was probably a good idea. But, unfortunately the entire concept ran into shaky grounds.

I do not understand how he finds so many women, all set for sex in exchange for the good deeds, he does for them. When I began to read it, I was hoping for the best, but unfortunately, that bit about moving from beauty to beauty and solving their problems hardly struck any chords within me.

Also, he wastes a lot of time in describing the spirit and also the beautiful women, and lesser in focusing on the actual events and their solving. Also, I hope he has his book better edited and actually puts his concept into better words.

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