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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Author Interview : Nicole Plyler Fisk, author of 'The Pirate Train’ (Part 2)

Read up, the second part of Nicole Plyler Fisk 's Interview. In this, she tells us which book  is coming from her next, who told her she could become the  author she is today, and suggestions to publish a book, she also tells us what she's reading currently and also her favourite authors, among others, Folks...
What book is coming from your desk, next? When do you see it released?

Coming soon: ‘The Pirate Train, Book 2: Gem Mountain’.

Synopsis: It’s Pirate Mom’s birthday, and the Yo-Ho-Mateys are off to Gem Mountain, Montana to search for Mom’s favourite gemstone: the star sapphire. Or, at least Pirate Bro, thinks the star sapphire is Mom’s favourite gemstone. He may be in for a surprise.

Available for purchase: December 2016.

Who was it that told you that you could become the author, you are today?

This is a hard one, because I’ve always thought of myself as a reader and a writer. I wrote my first indie book when I was my son’s age (six years old), and in the pre-Internet age, I made the cover out of cardboard and wallpaper. But kudos to my husband who has been super-supportive of ‘The Pirate Train’ and agreed to go the nontraditional indie route with it.

Impatient person that I am, I’ll never be a good fit for traditional publishing (i.e., once the article or book is done, I want it out there ASAP).

Do you have any suggestions for anyone who is looking to publish a book?

Don’t be in too much of a hurry (advice from someone who is
Nicole Plyler Fisk
always in a hurry). I solicited revision suggestions for both the text draft and the draft-illustrations from trusted friends, and that was time well-spent.

The Pirate Train wouldn’t be what it is without those invaluable suggestions, one of which included: make Mom’s waistline realistic rather than Disney-skinny.

Which book are you currently reading?

Because my kids are homeschooled and we listen to audiobooks when they commute with me to work, I’m always reading (or listening) to a couple of books simultaneously.
Jacqeline Kelly

Kids’ pick of the moment: ‘The Curious World of Calpurnia Tate’ by Jacqueline Kelly.

My pick of the moment: ‘The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend’ by Katarina Bivald.

Who are your favourite authors and why?

JK Rowling
I’ve had different favorites at different times in my life (e.g., Carolyn Keene during my pre-teen Nancy Drew phase, the Brontë sisters, when I was dissertating on 19th-Century British literature, etc.).

Current favorites are JK Rowling and Suzanne Collins, since I’m entrenched in YA pop culture series at the moment (for the past few years, I’ve alternated between teaching ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Hunger Games’ themed first-year writing classes at the state university).

What else do you do on a daily basis?

I read. I teach (both my kids and college freshmen). And I take care of what has become the “Fisk Family Farm.” Our animals include: 5 dogs; 1 cat; 2 chickens; 3 fish; 2 snails; and 2 fancy rats.  

You can read the First Part of this Interview right here. You can also catch the Review and also Buy the Book right here.

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