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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Book Review : 'Destiny Embraces... : A tale of two hearts and one soul (The Destiny Series Book 2)' by PG Van

Destiny Embraces’ is the second after 'Destiny Decides'. It opens from the point where it had left us, the last time. It basically ran with the love story, which almost felt like it was destiny between Sameera and Nikhil. The story, which began with the two of them meeting again, after many years to them falling in love. Sameera comes to India, to discover that Nick has followed her.

The story begins with Nick and Meera sitting at their wedding, when she wanted to stop it. Nick is visibly upset with her and wants to know why. Basically, Meera wants to finish a ceremony, wherein the two of them are present before Nick’s parents, and perform the ceremony, in which the entire family is present. This ceremony would quell all problems, which have haunted the family that makes them unable to conceive a female child. 

But due to certain circumstances, Nick, who has already proposed and wants to get married to her, immediately. So, the two end up having a double wedding, with Nethra and Srini. Nethra happens to be Meera’s sister and Srini is her boyfriend.

Incidentally, a mysterious incident happens, wherein Meera ends up with a child, who was kidnapped. She finds out that the kid is also named Sameera. When, the baby’s mother and grandmother return, with the police, they are given back the kid. This was only a beginning to the mysteries, which flow, in this book.

So, Meera ends up wishing for a Rajput wedding, so she can conceive the family’s female child. There was also the story of RajaRam and Jasleen, which has a lot to do with these two getting married. The story will be told in parts through the entire rigmarole.

But the Rajput style of wedding is now delayed, and the two make their way back to the US. Once back in California, the two of them settle into married life, as Meera wants. Meera wanted to live in with the entire family. So, the two of them move in and now, we are shown a few other problems.

Firstly, the mystery of Meera’s father’s chain. Suddenly, people seem to be looking for it, and Nick who was presented it by Meera, does not want to get rid of it. Therefore, we are put through, Nick and his security detail, Mitch, managing to escape the entire  situation of people trying to lay their hands on Nick and grabbing the chain. Nick has the chain, under his protection and has even incorporated it to himself and his children. 

Then, also the return of Meera’s ex-boyfriend. Of course, there is also Nick’s brother, Sam and his girlfriend, Reetu’s story. Will they ever get married? What is stopping them? Who was Roy Shankar and how was he involved?

Basically, there was no end to these mysteries. The confusion, which I was feeling, was a little too much. This, with the love story, which seems stronger between Meera and Nick, also there was little too much of love-making, between the two.

Also, the Rajput wedding, which has to take place, does that happen  then will both of them settle in? Why does RajaRam leave Jasleen behind, in this enigmatic part to the story, and what does it have to do with Nick and Meera? Will the historical part find its end now, in the present time?

I hope it solves some problems, in this part and some more unidentified portions in the story, which will find their end, in the third part of the story. The bits about their entire story, and the mysteries, which were created was good. But again, the love and sex bit was a too much for me to take. A decent effort!

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