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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Book Review : 'I am Avhor' by Brian Ditchek

This is the second space travel book I am reviewing in a month’s time. ‘I am Avhor’ is one such tale and with it, Brian Ditchek manages to swoop in to my library.  This book begins with the adventures of Admiral Joachim Li and his men. The ship is travelling in space, and is under the United Countries of Earth. 

One of the smaller ships is missing. This ship had landed on NPI1209 and with its  crew of four, was told to report about its surface. But, unfortunately they were not able to pass on the information. The whole thing was a mystery and the crew went missing. 

Meanwhile, the lot which comprised of the Captain and his three crew members were on a whole new world. Known as Vacaron, the single continent planet had Markane as its capital. 

King Harad leads this male dominated world, in which he has kept the human crew as prisoners. These prisoners, who did not look too different from the Vacarons were aliens on this planet. The earthlings did not have tails, as all people on Vacaron did. 

Meanhile, the cruel King Harad wants to eliminate the prince, and his sister, who have been lost for a long time. The children, if found would be put to death, since they would take over from him. 

The twins, Urvak and Racara, as they are now known, are busy at school and play. They have no idea, about who they were and what they could mean, if someone found out about them.

One day the Honor Guards find out about them, and manage to kill the children’s uncle and capture one of the two. Urvak now has a job to do and he sets off to find his sister. On the way, he meets with an earthling, who has managed to escape the zoo with the rebellion group’s help. The zoo is the place where all the earthlings are kept. 

The earthling, Mike Bearborn and Urvak decide to get together and travel. Urvak, who is wondering why his sister was captured, wants to go meet King Harad and wants an explanation from him. Mike Bearborn, who was a prisoner for two years, explains to Urvak that he does not trust King Harad, and has no faith in the release of Racara.

But the two, end up traveling together and manage to find the Resistance movement, which knows the truth. Will they find out the real truth behind the hidden story? Will they manage to release Racara and take over the kingdom? Will the earthlings be able to find their ship? And finally return to it? Soon, the entire story would reveal itself and Urvak or Avhor, which is his real name and Racra or Sorasa would be told, what really happened.

Brian Ditchek
Okay, of course, it does run up some Star Wars and Star Trek stories, as well. But, the fact that somewhere far from earth, there are people, who have very similar lives, but with super-fast communication devices, actually have to be taught to fish, makes for an interesting read. Science fiction with a child's adventure plus swordplay are just a few of the elements. The book’s leads are teenagers with enthusiastic brains and maturity beyond the usual level make it a captivating read. And this book is truly non-violent! There is even a second part to this…

You can Buy the Book (Kindle Edition), right here

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