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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Book Review : 'Golden Boy Bailey' by Erin Frew

Erin Frew’s 'Golden Boy Bailey’ turned out to be a book, which left me with the widest of smiles. Firstly, it is about dogs, and although, I am not a fan, but I must say, I really liked the illustrations in this book and even the tiny bits of adventure was fun to read. The book was illustrated by the author, herself!

Well, it is about a happy go lucky dog, Bailey Boy and his friend, Sable, and their two other friends. It is also about the wonderful adventures and the super ideas, they all get involved in. I loved the idea of a beautiful morning, with a lovely sun and a breeze, too. And the birds, up in the trees and the flowers, in full bloom. Wow, it sounds like an adventure, straight from one of the children’s books, which we had read as kids. 

But to have four dogs involved, is a piece of cake. It tells a story of these dogs, a golden retriever, a pit bull, a Labrador and even a German Sheppard. I can’t think of a bigger adventure without most of these big dogs, because all the adventures I read as a kid had dogs, but rarely had them doing it all by themselves. So, this was a book for super fun reading.

Four of them get together and are set to go to the Blue Pool on a special adventure. When they are at the big blue pool, they see the sparkling waters, surrounded by pointed rock formations.

Suddenly, Sable is distracted by a dragonfly that keeps buzzing around her. So, excited is she; that she chases after it. Meanwhile, the other big dogs are busy having fun at the lake, splashing and dunking around it.

But suddenly, Bailey notices that Sable is missing. They notice her near the cliff, still trying to catch the dragonfly. But, suddenly they all catch a glimpse of her, jumping off the cliff. Bailey, who tells the others that Sable cannot swim. So, they make their way across and Chewy jumps in, trying to save Sable. He does manage to bring her to the shore, but then, she is unconscious and does not wake up.

Erin Frew
So, will they manage to wake her up? Will the three of them save little Sable, at all? Read this, fun little adventure and find out, what happens next… Sounds exciting, I think I’d take on this little exploration! As it is a good read, and easy to understand too. And the illustrations are really good, and one can see the effort it took. 

You can Buy the Book, right here.

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