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Friday, June 24, 2016

Author Interview : Brian Ditchek, author of 'I am Avhor' (Part 2)

Brian Ditchek
Read up, the second part of Brian Ditchek's Interview, with regard to 'I am Avhor'. In this he tells us the most challenging part of the book, which particular character, he felt most close to, the next book he has planned and also who his favourite authors are, and much more, Folks...

What was the most challenging part about writing ‘I Am Avhor’?

The story has multiple storylines throughout.  It was a challenge to build them, weave or interrelate them and then unwind them towards a climax all the while seeming realistic.  It was also challenging to make sure each word and each scene added to the

I don’t like stories with superfluous words. Each and every word must contribute to the story.   

Which particular character did you feel most close to?  Why?

Without a doubt, Urvak.  For me, he had the right combination of youth, innocence, strength and wisdom. 

Who was it that told you that you could become the author you are today?

Honestly, I surprised myself when I finished the story.  I don’t feel that anybody really pushed me to author this story.  I just really enjoyed creating each scene.  

That is really the bottom line.  Each scene I created from scratch encouraged me to write the next. 

When will your next book be out?  Who are your favorite authors and why?

Numerous readers have requested a sequel.  I even received a request for a prequel.  But I don’t have a date for a follow up book.   
Ken Follett
I have developed some potential new storylines, but have not put pen to paper so to speak.  In fiction, my favorite authors have been Ken Follett, James A Michener, Dean Koontz and John Saul.

Which book are you currently reading?  

‘Vessels’, but Brad J. Boucher, an independent author of horror stories I have recently discovered.

What else do you do on a daily basis? 

I am retired but enjoy long walks, reading and learning.  I am currently a member of Harvard University’s Institute for Learning in Retirement.  Interestingly, many of the members are also writers.    

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