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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Book Review : 'The Suitable Inheritor' by Pushpendra Mehta

Pushpendra Mehta’s ‘The Suitable Inheritor’ is an almost lyrical book. By that, one can say that it is an inspirational work. That is something, I do not personally enjoy, but this time, I had an excellent author, who knows his way with words. 

Let’s get down to the story. The first few pages of the book, leads us to the Pacific Ocean and a beautiful woman, who helps discover the true destiny of Michael Elliott. Michael is a Chicago based relationship coach, who himself ends up discovering his own particular relationships, and what he would end up holding on to.

He is invited to Lima, to speak to younger clients of a relationship-coaching enterprise, by Andrew Smith.  Andrew, who is the owner of this particular enterprise and who has been in this particular business longer, does have a few words to share. Andrew’s particular business is inspired by a former employee of his. Dorothy, who is no longer in contact with Andrew, did have a few words to say herself, and a lot of expertise to provide to him. These particular bits of knowledge allowed him to become the famed relationship coach, he is today. But, in his revelations, Andrew tells Michael of his illness and his wish to see Dorothy. But where is Dorothy? Why and where did she go to?

Trying to find answers, Michael sets out to find her. Michael, who had come here on business, and to see, whether his dream was going to come true sets out to find her. So, the dream, where his life is transformed, and his dreams come true, finds a solution when he ends up meeting Dorothy, quite by chance.
He introduces himself to her, but does not reveal to her of ever meeting Andrew. Dorothy and Michael hit it off, and she has a few insightful and wonderful words to say to him, as well. But during another meeting, Michael opens up to her and tells her of his meeting with Andrew and his illness. At this, Dorothy breaks down. Dorothy and Michael, brought together by Andrew, end up together for the night.

But his meeting with Dorothy is short lived, as well. Dorothy as one notices, is an expert at relationship advice and sacrificing herself, for the greater good in particular situations. She believes that true love does not bind or impede and does not come in the way of progress. And she felt that Michael, just like Andrew would end up staying behind, if his love came true. And she would become a weakness, just like she did for Andrew.

Michael takes both their advices and goes back to Chicago. In Lima, he found his weakness and gets down to make it different in Chicago. He found his weakness, and he sets down to repair it. To market the book, he himself had written, he hires a PR firm. His career makes remarkable progress, but what about love? He finds someone; could she possibly be the one? Does he end up enjoying the work, he does? Does his work become his passion? But he ends up going back to Lima? What will happen there?

Okay. The book came to an end, but left behind a few questions for ourselves.
Pushpendra Mehta
Dorothy came and left in a whirl, so her character seems to me as if it served its purpose. But does she truly leave? How does it finally end? The book was full of questions. It also strove to pose the answers, but gave us newer questions, with which to try and find answers, ourselves.

So, it is not a self-help outlet, because it gives us, only so much before it takes the form of a novel. It’s a mixture of both. A novel presented to us with strategies, advice, success and happiness. Read up, because it probably will touch some part of you… because we all need some advice at some point in time.

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