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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Author Interview: Saumya Misra, author of 'A Grey Story' (Part 2)

Read up, the second part of Saumya Misra's Interview, with regard to 'A Grey Story'. In this she tells us how she came come with core idea and developed it, the challenging part and the fulfilling part of writing the book, the next book she has planned and also has some advice for debut authors, Folks...

How did you come up with the core idea and develop it?

Like I mentioned earlier, the core idea was borrowed from the cruel reality of civilised society. 

The lilywhite may just have some very ugly stains for all we know.

What was the most challenging part about writing ‘A Grey Story’?

The most challenging part was to stay detached / neutral and not get carried away. I did not wish to write another Cinderella tale but needed to expose a malpractice. The truth is we are all so busy in our lives that we have no time to bother about our neighbour. Also, interference of any sort is unwelcomed by most families so, we cannot really blame ourselves.

Then what is the solution? If a child is exploited in school, parents, administration and police interfere. Then exploitation is a very difficult term, mostly associated with physical molestation.

However, causing mental and emotional trauma to someone is worse. When it is being done by your family members, you cannot even speak up because of social stigma and lack of concrete evidence.

What drove you to write a story on this subject?

I was driven by my heart and my sensibility to write on this subject.

What is the most fulfilling part, now that you have written your book?

The most fulfilling part is to know that you have done your bit. You have dedicated something you knew deep down needed to be dedicated to those people for who no one really speaks up. 

I hope more and more people read it and find out if they have a similar character like Surya in their midst or whether they are intentionally or unintentionally creating one.

What is the next book that you have planned? 

My next will be a shocker. It will be very different from my previous Works. I prefer to pick up a different genre every time.

The one I am penning will have real life incidents with documented proof and evidence. It will disturb a few big hornets’ nests for sure.
Saumya Misra

Which book are you currently reading?

At the moment, I am busy with my magazine on environment – TreeTake, and am only reading my columnists who are experts in their fields. It is adding a great deal to my knowledge. 

So, you can say I am reading non-fiction at the moment but cannot wait to pick up a good novel as soon as I can. Which one, only a visit to the bookstore can decide that because I don’t go for only established names or ‘bestsellers’ when selecting a novel but a book whose plot appeals to me. 

And, yes, I do judge a book by its cover sometimes!

What advice do you have for people, who are trying to debut right now?

I would advice the debutants to treat their writings with respect and hope. These days, people talk about books more than they actually read them, so don’t be disheartened even if your friends and acquaintances demand free ‘complementary’ copies from you instead of purchasing the same.

Do not give away your Work for free, claiming that you only want to be read. If you are getting published, you mean business. Also a true writer never eyes his/her Work as a shortcut to fame.

Be patient, be strong and write good fiction. Pulp fiction may make some quick money but not a lasting impression!  

You can Read the Review, and the First Part of this Interview right here, and Buy the Book here, as well.

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