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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Book Review : 'Destiny of Shattered Dreams' by Nilesh Rathod

Nilesh Rathod’s ‘Destiny of Shattered Dreams’ is a little like an inside view. It talks of a business man, Atul Malhotra, 35 years old, chairman and founder CEO of a billion dollar company, Transmech Telecom Limited. It goes on to talk of his meteoric rise, taking his career and ‘colleagues plus probably his best friends’ too with him.

He was a middle class boy, who was trying to find his way into the corporate world. Where the twisted transactions and the lust for clout lie, therein the route to self-destruction lays. 

He is too much of the ambitious man, which we do read about in the newspapers, every other day. The whole corporate drama, blended perfectly with the political intrigue is all a part of Atul’s life. The relationship he shares with his wife, Roshni, whom he had left and with that his child too. He then goes on to lose his girlfriend, Aarti who works for him, but then she went on to work with an NGO and then marrying, someone else too.
The political angle is taken up by the ministers, who have a devious way of delusion, sinking all their black money into TTL. Atul, who once had everything, ends up making his way to jail, for faults that he committed and willingly so! He had made the wrong choices.

Everything seemed to be going for him, but all he wants is a little more and with it, and the corrupt trail, which leads to it.  He ends up paying the large fine, loses his pride, in the two years of his jail time. He had to pay for all his bad choices.

Rathod does have a flair for writing that I enjoyed. But the poetry in between, was probably a little too much for me, to handle. It was a good book, but then, he tends to get carried away in the bits of love and lust, though the main plot was very interesting and well defined.  I would recommend giving it a good read, over a cup of coffee.

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