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Monday, September 05, 2016

Book Review : 'Shopaholic to the Stars' by Sophie Kinsella

Shopaholic to the Stars’ by Sophie Kinsella is another one in the series of Rebecca Bloomwood and her misadventures. I remember her first book, ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’, since it has been quite some time, and well, it did leave something of an impression behind. 

‘Confessed’ shopaholic, Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood, is married to Luke Brandon and keeps having misadventures with her daughter in tow. And in this book, she is now set to take Hollywood by storm. 

So, firstly I have to mention that I have not read any books, beyond the first one, which I thoroughly enjoyed. But, somehow between all these books, though of course, I can understand the characters, Becky seems to have gone down. She does not seem to have grown; she is the same old shopaholic, about whom we had read about in the first book. But luckily for her, she seems to have landed the perfect husband.

Sophie Kinsella (Wikipedia)
So, we are put through a series of misadventures, with her best buddy, Suze, who has followed her to Hollywood with her husband. An enemy too, makes an appearance.  Luke apparently, has landed a job in Hollywood managing movie superstar Sage Seymour, and Becky hopes to be her stylist. 

So, we go through all the travails of becoming a stylist, which Becky goes through, burning a deep hole, in the pocket. 

She does get a minuscule of a chance, but will she be able to live up to it? All the mishaps, she goes through prove that she really could do with a few lessons, herself.

It was not too boring, though of course, the book’s length did tire me out. And her parents make an appearance and actually leave us hoping for more, especially towards the end.

The thing is, it was so sad, for a book, which had all the elements of being funny but due to its well, irreversible length, it lost out on its best value. :(

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