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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Book Review : 'Immortal' by Krishna Udayasankar

Okay, there have been issues, such as no specs, so no reading and no staring at laptop, either. Then, no television, and really not much money, thanks to India’s current economic background. Well, it’s partly over now, just partly!

Oh well, but I do have the ‘Immortal’ review, thanks to Krishna Udayasankar. Firstly, she begins with my favourite topic, which is ‘Mahabharata’ and weaves a brilliant story, using one of the main characters, Ashwatthama

In a brilliant move, the author has converted Ashwatthama into Professor Bharadwaj, a historian. The man, who cannot die, since he is so cursed, begins this adventure and pulls us along on this super cool joyride. After reading up about Ashwatthama in so many happenings and strange occurrences, it was nice to see an entire book, written about the man, who is not dead yet. :)

After many lives and events, this man can proudly claim experiences and adventures, like no one can. But, during this particular period, he does have a Manohar and a Maya Jervois to keep him company along the way. The author does touch upon Indiana Jones, but does not dwell too much on him, thereby giving the character, a whole new understanding.

Firstly, it is all about how the historian is called upon by Manohar, to help in searching for a historical object. This particular artefact is known as the Vajra and though it has been searched for by a lot of people, be they scientists or historians, it has never been found. But, Maya has something up her sleeve, which is why the professor agrees to look for it.

The three set off to find it, and you do too, as you walk across Gujarat’s
Krishna Udayasankar
shorelines, even Dwaraka and across the Nilgiris, and even the deserts in Pakistan. To solve puzzle after puzzle, which is more daunting than the previous one, these characters, are hell bent on solving all of these quests. Villains, sages and legendary souls, they all seem to be a part of this undertaking and they are out to either solve it and gain it or destroy it, altogether.

A little bit of action, on bikes, cars and the guns, each more mind-boggling than the earlier ones, make this book a complete mytho-adventure. Krishna Udayasankar is back, and I would be particularly pleased with future Ashwatthama adventures and mysteries. :)
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