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Monday, November 14, 2016

Book Review : 'Poly-Trap' by Nita Ganguly and illustrated by Niramoy Ganguly

Nita Ganguly’s children’s book, ‘Poly-Trap’ (for 9+ years) is an almost brilliant one. The story is about a pair of seahorses, Wiley and his mother. Wiley, a baby sea-horse is out on a swim with his mother. He gets out on a discovery, in which he gets to check out much more of the sea-world around him. 

His mom has a good idea, and it is up to Wiley to guess the sea creatures, which his mom would describe. The two of them set out, and he gets to see some starfish, crabs and turtles, etc, when suddenly out of nowhere, he notices a poly bag floating around. 

His mom gets confused between a poly-bag and a jellyfish, at first sight. But, soon she figures out that it is actually a poly-bag. So, what could they do about seeing not just that one, but so many others? Wiley wants to know how they would reach his home area too. Will his mother tell him how and what they can do, around them? Will she tell him that these can harm them, and how they can be got rid of?

It is not just a really cool book about all the fish and animals at sea, but also one for the environment, importantly. The illustrations leave a little to be desired, though the book is a good one. You can check out this cool book, with the illustrations done by Niramoy Ganguly.

You can Buy the Book, right here.

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