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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Book Review : 'The Lygons of Fraith : Lygon Island – The Rock Ring' by Arlo Mercia

‘The Lygons of Fraith : Lygon Island – The Rock Ring’, I saw a picture of a restless sea, with rocks surrounding it. And with a cat. This was my initial introduction to the book. Then of course, I had a map of Fraith and an illustration of the region, Fraith. It kind of reminded me of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ due to its map, and talk of dragons and men. But that’s where it ends. Because, this book took me off on an excited start and the story ran on the Lygons. 

The Lygons are ‘sleek, iridescent reptilian’ cats and they will hold this story together, but they have help from the geflars, which are miniature dragons, and they all live harmoniously on ‘Lygon Island’. There are men too, of course, but they kind of live away from this land, known as Fraith. 

As life goes on peacefully, on Lygon, there is one factor disturbing the inhabitants of this land. After many years as Royale, Myrra was required to step down. She had no descendants of her own, so she had been required to give up her royal duties to her nearest relative/nephew in the next generation. She had moved on to become an Honour Royale. 

Therefore, Aidon could become a Royal. Aidon, who seemed to be the lazy sort, preferred a retreat for himself and simply paint, where he could withdraw in peace. This particular preserve would be so; he could avoid fulfilling his royal duties. Unfortunately, it is not going to be that simple. Since he started asking this of his councillors, Myrra was called upon. It would create a disaster to the environment, explained the councillors. 

The problem arose when the island was being redone, so as to bring
Arlo Mercia
together the older version to also, include the newer version of the island. This created a ‘venge-wave’ or a tsunami. The sea was throwing up disastrous waves, and making everything, a humongous chaos. Myrra has to do the needful for Fraith. Firstly, she has to make the difficult journey only to discover that Fraith might suffer the consequences, of it all.

In all this, a few people are on their way to Lygon Island. With two women in tow, is a ship, which is handled by the Captain, who has no intention of setting foot on the island, as he has a past, and does now want it to be reopened. So, the story moves ahead, in the second part. With Myrra’s situation and the Captain’s past, the story could enter its second and a super exciting part of the Lygon Island’s adventures...

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