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Monday, May 15, 2017

Book Review : 'My Lyfe Misspelt' by Ranjani Rengarajan - Deoras

Hear ye, hear ye, all ye tomboys. When you end up reading a book such as this, I recommend the following instructions. Firstly, do not be overly astonished when you discover that the heroine or hero, Anupama Rajan, has too much in common with you. 

Do not be surprised, when you discover the fact that her hair is almost as short as yours is/was and that she prefers not to wear the dreaded salwar kameez, either. And basically, the most important part, she is bad at maths. But, of course she is good at English… :) If you’ve got all that, you will begin to understand this book, so much better. 

The book begins when it takes you back to the 90s in Chennai. The story starts, when she is busy forging her father’s signature onto her test paper. You can see her feeling guilty, as she hands it over to her suspicious teacher. 

You are then introduced to her friends. There is Amee, Roshan and Paresh, all of them clubbed together in rooms under tin sheets, which are classrooms for these children. The fights, she gets into make all of us tomboys, proud. A whole rigmarole ensues, with her school, her parents and grandparents, her teachers, and pets too. Till, she is forced to make a new friend, Madcap Manjula.

And I must not miss out this part, of course. ‘Can a tomboy ever find love?’ Firstly, we begin with Ankush, on whom Anu has a crush. Luckily, this crush is not her only one. There are  more boys, and you get sucked in, because it is hilarious. The mischievous adventures, she has with or without most of her gang can draw you into this quest to the end of school.

Reminded me of school days, and actually a little of my college ones too. Comical and strangely cool enough, this book got a little boring at one stage, but that part does not stick around with you. Because, as soon as you think it, you are holding on to your sides, as all the laughing can do that to you…

It was howlarious. This book has done it, Ranjani Rengarajan – Deoras. You are a silver-tongued, shenanigan, and I had a blast reading it…

You can Buy the Book, right here.    

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