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Monday, May 08, 2017

Book Review : 'When Change Happens... A story of Organisational Transformation' by Lalit Jagtiani

Lalit Jagtiani’s ‘When Change Happens… A Story of Organisational Transformation’ came across as probably a text book, which I had always wanted, yet never saw. This book, talks of his own personal experiences and how he saw through each and every one of them. Filled with illustrations, of capturing a chapter in pictures, they all were excellently done.

Managing change and developing one’s business organisation is a work of skill and to have that happen in a series of small stories is what this book does. It begins with a young man, Matt at work and seemingly bored with doing the same thing every day. 

It is not long, before he is called by his superior and a newer assignment is given to him. He is one of the 15 change agents, who would be responsible for the changes to be brought about in the organisation. He, along with his colleagues headed to the initiation and that is where the story begins. 

The story goes around a central character, whose job it is to make over the  organisation and his dealings within the establishment, which forms the rest of the story. We are put through ideas that need to be applied for any change to take place. The idea is to understand the organisational change and the tests that are hidden in them. How people have to deal with initial changes and how they can overcome them, by going through studies and their triumphs, is one of the ways of doing it right.

Lalit Jagtiani
It is about the difficulties and challenges faced in an organisation. When we are presented with them, we might have to change and for that purpose, alteration becomes essential.  For it, effective communication and the value of people who are going through the changes and also, examining the worst condition, if unexpected things occur are points, which have to be noted.

It is basically an instructional teaching, but which does not read like a lesson. It principally, flows through your head, and tells you many stories in one. A really well thought of and a brilliantly written work, is this book.

You can Buy the Book, right here.   

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