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Friday, June 09, 2017

Author Interview : R Tran, author of 'The Rashade" (Chronicles of the Coranydas : Book 1)'’

R Tran
Read up, Interview with R Tran, author of ‘The Rashade (Chronicles of the Coranydas). In this interview, she tells us, how the entire book came about, the research that has gone into it, how she relates the lives of her characters to lives today.

She also tell us, the most challenging and fulfilling parts of the story, how she came up with the core idea developed it, which character she felt most close to, what she thought was different about her book, who her favourite authors are, the next book she has planned, and much more, Folks…

How did ‘The Rashade (Chronicles of the Coranydas)’ happen?

This book was written as self prescribed therapy after my dad died when I was 16. 

As a teenager, I was too scared to admit I was depressed so this was my coping mechanism. I wrote a blog article on the subject that can be found at https://rtranbooks.wordpress.com/2017/01/24/my-inspiration-for-the-rasade/  

What is the research is any that has gone into it? 

I did read some books on types of swords and sword fighting but mostly this is the genre I read.

How do you think your book is different from everyone else’s?

The type of magic Mara possesses is different than others, I have seen in other books. I have a few different theories about magic and its creation.

My spin on the magical races are a little different as well. I also focus on a strong female lead which isn’t always seen in fantasy novels.  

What according to you is different about your book?

The series is only two books long now but I have 3 more in the works. Instead of focusing on one hero/heroine, this series follows a family.

Those that are or were able to use ‘The Sword of The Faye’ because of the magic the family carries.

How would you relate the lives of Mara’s and Wayette’s to lives today?  

Mara and Wayette have a modern western woman’s feel to them even though the setting is more of a medieval setting to the book.

Both women are strong and independent, taking on leadership roles throughout the series.

Who is your favourite character and why?

Valaska is my favourite character in this series. Ideally, I should say my heroine but as I wrote the series her personality grew into Mara’s fun loving best friend.

Valaska is tough, kind, and funny, yet serious and gentle when she needs to be.

How did you come up with the core idea and develop it?

Most of my books come from a random thought I have, while doing something else. In this case, I thought I should write about a girl who got revenge on them man who murdered her father.

Considering what was going on in my life that wasn’t a surprise. From there I had to consider who she was and her motivation.

Ultimately, I came up with the daughter of a priestess joining a league of warriors for men only. But why, what could be so terrible to make a priestess lose her place? I managed to figure those things out then realized it would give me nightmares, so I gave them to her. 

Usually most things happen in most things develop in my books because I ask myself why? It usually makes sense to me. However some things develop organically and take me by surprise. One of the love stories in this book happened that way.  

How would you relate the lives of characters to the lives today? Any similarities?

Mara would be closer to a woman in the 1950’s as far as breaking barriers.

She is the equivalent of a woman just entering the male dominated work force. It’s an uphill climb for her but nothing will stop her. When Mara finds the Shiori it’s like she’s launched into the future, a feminist dream of America, and she readily accepts them.

What was the most challenging part about writing the book?

Editing was the worst. I started the book in high school and finished a few years later in college. Then I didn’t touch it for years.

My writing style changed and improved when I went back to rewrite and edit. Trying to make everything coherent and flow was a nightmare.

What is the most fulfilling part of writing this book?

Reading the reviews and hearing that people enjoyed reading what I wrote is the most fulfilling part of writing this book. I never started this to get rich or be a best seller.

I never even planned to get published. So, when I hear people like my book I love it.

When will your second book be released?

My second book is being released June 9. It is the sequel to this book and all the loose ends will be tied up.

Is there an author you take inspiration from?

I gather inspiration from everything around me, especially music. The third book in this series for instance was written almost entirely to Evanescence.

Terry Goodkind and Dave Duncan had the most influence on this book though.

Which books are you reading currently?
At the moment, I am writing a book. I usually have 3 or for projects going at once to cope with writers block.

But I have 'Silence Fallen' by Patricia Briggs waiting for me to read. As soon as writers block kicks in, I can read it.

Who are your favourite authors and why?

I love Terry Goodkind’s ‘Sword of Truth’ series. I have been reading it since high school and still haven’t tired of Richard Rahl. I always want to know what he is going to do next.

Anne Bishop - From Goodreads
Patricia Briggs is great I love both of her werewolf series. I can’t believe how much research she puts into her books. They are always a great read; I get sucked in until I’m done.

It’s why I never start one until I have nothing else going on. Anne Bishop is another favourite. I think I have read her dark jewels trilogy three times now and never tire of it. I just figured out there are more in the series and can’t wait to read them.

What else do you do on a daily basis?

Writing is my third job. First, I am a mom. I have two girls that are turning 4 and 6 next month and a Boston terrier.  To earn money, I am a pharmacist.

I work full time and am thankful everyday that my mother can accommodate a retail schedule and watch my girls. Other than reading and writing and now blogging, I also quilt and do random crafts from Pinterest. 

You can  Read the Review, too and Buy the Book, here as well.
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