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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Book Review : ‘The Puffin Book of Hindu Gods and Goddesses’ by Ameya Nagarajan

The Puffin Book of Hindu Gods and Goddesses’ could turn out to be an eye opener if you are a fan of all things mythological, magical or mystical. Actually, it is for the younger folks, but never let that stop you! And, that is why I opened this little fable teller. 

And did I have fun? Of course, I did. Vedic gods and goddesses, including the more well-known ones, with all their incarnations, various forms, the eight directions and the navagrahas, which are only a part of the 30 plus crore gods!

The book has a brief introduction to all these gods, including a smaller introduction to gods such as, Akash, Vishwakarma, Aditi and Diti etc.

A good overview into the gods and their avatars, then, we have the eight directions and their children, partners, modes of transport, their homes and symbols. Lastly, we have the Navagrahas with their homes and symbols, etc.

This book gives us only a section of the entire list. I had no clue of Sarabeshwara, Nairuti and Ishan. This one satisfied my insane curiosity. Besides very few errors in editing, this book can serve as a taster to readers, who have an unlimited inquisitiveness into this subject.

The text and illustrations were brilliant. Kudos to the entire team of the writers and illustrator…

You can Buy the Book, right here.
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