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Monday, June 19, 2017

Book Review : 'Inside the Heart of Hope' by Rishabh Puri

This book, ‘Inside the Heart of Hope’ by author, Rishabh Puri is a personal account, heart stirring, almost. It starts off with a child, Rick who has a heart condition and discovers it, when he is barely ten. He has aortic valve stenosis, for which he is told that he should not run, and cannot afford to do too much of any sort of physical activity.  

And so, his mother goes to school with him to explain the situation to his teacher. And so, his friends find out how badly he is off, too. But, life goes on and Rick, who has to live it, does so, with difficulty.

We see when time comes, when he has a girlfriend, Amy to whom he does not tell the story to, initially. But when he does, he is shocked when she leaves him. Rick goes through a surgery and Amy, whom he expected to be beside him, is not. So, a heartbroken Rick has only his parents and his best friend, Jacob to look to, at this time.  

Three months go past, and he is just about alright to leave the hospital. In the meanwhile, everything seems to have changed, except his parents, who still worry about him. Rick, who feels much better, wants to start working. His parents, of course do not feel that he should really go to work, but still they let him join the family business.

Rick finds that at seventeen, is unable go to university, as he is told to take correspondence courses by his parents. Years go by and so do a few surgeries. But, as time passes, Rick fights for his place in the world. He manages to get into his father’s business, he manages to even write a little. He is given a chance to do so by his father, and he does it all with aplomb.

So, one day, he is told to travel to Delhi. And he does. On the flight, he makes the acquaintance of an air hostess, Lisa with whom he quickly becomes friends. The friendship turns into love. As time goes by, Rick now finds himself in an odd place. He wants to marry Lisa, but he is now at a point when he is rejected by Lisa’s father, who refuses to accept the two of them, as a couple.

Would he travel across the world? Explore newer boundaries? Would his doctor give him the support he needs? But, would he convince her father? Would Lisa, who knows of it all stick with him through the surgeries and all? Will Lisa, finally marry Rick?

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