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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Book Review : 'A Rule Breaker's Club Adventure : The Dog who wanted More' by Sowmya Rajendran

­I woke up this morning expecting to read a book. And so, I did, it was a Rulebreakers’ Club Adventure, titled ‘The Dog who wanted More’. Sowmya Rajendran wrote it wonderfully, with apt illustrations provided by Arun Kumar Kaushik. That basically, was what caught my eye. 

Two young girls, Keerti, who is a WWE aficionado, and Monica who is an adventure seeking young woman, followed by kind of scared Jagannathnan, who apparently is the so-called godfather or leader of the group, and Rishi, the class topper with the wanna be TV star, Tejas.

The five of them seem to be rather bored of everything, especially their parents. Their parents ‘seem to be’ rather strict, who believe that they need to be kept under control since they are only 13 years old.  But, the kids have a plan up their sleeve.

Firstly, they should have a dog, because the ‘The Famous Five’ did. So, the 5 of them, look to kidnap a dog, though one thing I did not get was why not just get a street dog? But these guys are for the more trendy pug, called Spike, which lives on the neighbouring street. So, Rishi draws up a plan or well, types in a plan on an Excel sheet.

So, Monica and Tejas set out to meet the security guard of the mansion, where Spike lives. They con him into believing their made up tale, that they need the dog, temporarily for the project they are taking up. Now, Spike is in their ‘custody’.

So the dog is taken to Rishi’s grandmother’s house, which is the kids’ headquarters, ‘btw’. Each of them had decided to take turns to feed and clean him. So, it was Keerti’s turn, and that day she walks into Rishi’s grandmother’s house, to find her deep in prayer.

The old lady, who is thinking that the deep snores she had heard all night could only, be her late husband’s. Keerti, who opens the door where they had kept the dog, cons grandmother, into believing that this was what her husband had reincarnated into. Quite happy with the whole issue, the grandmother takes on full responsibility of the dog, even taking it for walks.

Now, the pug is not an easy dog to handle. The food it eats and the drool it leaves behind is amazing. The dog could be a pain, and also Keerti, notices that a policeman had seen the dog with grandmother and walked away, rather suspiciously.

So, the five could be in trouble, and decide to return the dog. But can they do it without arousing suspicion? Will they manage to tell grandmother, a story to get the dog out? And how will they steer clear of the policeman?

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