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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Book Review : 'Loyal Stalkers' by Chhimi Tenduf - La

He’s back! Chhimi Tenduf – La is back, with a whole new book, 'Loyal Stalkers'. This time however, he chose to go the short story way. But, of course there are his favourite characters and his favourite location, of course! Set in Sri Lanka, the stories carry you off into his emerald island.

So, let us begin. These stories are all interrelated in subtle ways, and the author does manage to touch our heart in the same way, he has done the first two times. It is about the various genders and their characters and sexual characteristics, each of them may possess because of their particular circumstances, at any given point of time in the book.

Actually, the way I read it, made it sound so different. Because, it was not read like a regular book, in the sense not the first story after the second. Instead, I chose to read the stories, in a haphazard manner. And that is how my review sounds too. Hopefully I will be forgiven, for the same, because I felt so much closer to the book :). Because I felt closer to the situations, than I would have if I had read it, the usual way.

It could be a topic such as child abuse and even love for the child, born under such circumstances, or even an impulsive security guard’s love for his child. The killing of a man by a lusting woman would have been the situation if it was not for her circumstances, a regular workout at the local gym, would have been situation if it was not for the loyal stalker. A teenage cricketer who seems to fall headlong, into his coach’s vicious ways. Gayan’s back too.

And even the ultra-cool story of Aiyo, a dog and you have the ‘Suspiciously Brown’ victim, smuggler, or handicapped victim, or perhaps a loving father? The rich and the poor are all told about in this one.

If you have been reading his books, you would know about Sri Lanka, like no other man can tell you. It is all about love for an adopted nation, and the love for the family, all told in a dark humour, which is definitely his. The twists are here and there and refuse to take away any wittiness away, from the book.

You can Read this Book, right here.

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