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Monday, August 21, 2017

Book Review : 'Moongphali' by Neha Singh and Mukesh Chhabra; Illustrations by Sonal Gupta Vaswani

Moongphali’ is a witty and humorous collection of stories, which has been written by Neha Singh and Mukesh Chabbra. I have never forgotten the only time was in a fancy dress competition. 'Dress up as Santa Claus', said my teacher! And so, there I was with a big beard and a whole load of gum dripping from my face. I do not remember how I did it, but the first prize was mine. 

So, I was very interested in this book, where Nandu dresses up as ‘The Watermelon God’ by Neha Singh. So, in his green ‘melony’ costume, Nandu sets off to school. But the poor boy, who wanted to be a king instead, misses out on the costume. So, he decides to skip school. And the adventures, he gets into are comical to read. Read this one, to discover what happens and say, all ‘Hail the Lord of Watermelons’.

This story is followed by Mukesh Chhabra’s ‘The Perfect Doll’. Sneha was gifted a ‘Tennis Doll’, with a black beauty spot. It was a wonderful sight, until her friend spots it, and calls it a defect in the doll. Dejected, Sneha got rid of the doll, by throwing it away in a drain. Then begin the doll’s adventures, since it was found by a boy, who then and later has a car run over it and then has a few stray cats and even a few rats have at it. 

The rest of it goes off in finding out that Sneha’s friend, Mallika finds and keeps the doll. And the loving care she gives to the tennis doll, and the fact that a small, cool looking tennis court is up in her house.

The book runs into other stories by both these authors, which are fun to read and adventurous and mysterious too. So, we have Poonam’s fancy chappals, Hanur’s mysterious stones, and then we have a hundred rupee note, and a happy day, and double trouble, complete with Lalita’s gift!

The two authors have written an enjoyable book to read up on a holiday, complete with cool stuff to make at the end of every chapter. Only one point is that in the story, ‘A Happy Day’, is that the spelling of dinosaurs is misspelled as ‘dinasours’. Sonal Gupta Vaswani, who is the illustrator, has done an excellent job with the drawings, to see it complete.

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