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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Old age and me?

Am I allowed to feel old? Well, not much you can do about it, because I do. Are people working sooner, or have I started out late? It's a tough call, because I am so used to being the youngest since my school days, for me, this is a whole new world. Its not a huge issue, but well I can't help thinking about it.
Beat it, cricket players are younger than me. I am way too used to it being the other way round. From oh god , he's too old, its not oh my he's too young. :-)
With my peer group marrying away like there's no tomorrow, and then making babies at the same rate, I have not too many places to run for cover from old age. If my bones ain't creaking, well, my mind definitely is. I think it might even be cracked. Why am I boring you with this? Blame it on old age; senility; there was another word, I've forgotten. ;-)
Until next time...
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