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Monday, August 08, 2005


This blog post is informative but it might not be of any interest to you...worse still you mayplug in your iPod. I've gotten a brand new iPod..the iPod Shuffle. Since i've gotten it last week, i've been asked questions about how much space there is on it..and looks of sympathy have been exchanged. Why, you ask? I have only about 512 MB of space on it. "That's it? only 500..thats nothing yaar." I've been told.

In defence, it came free, its tiny, that mean not only does it fit in my jeans pocket, it also fits into the tiny pocket in the pocket.. can i call that a socket? mini pocket perhaps!

anyways, i can load up to 120 songs, to my delight i managed 150 songs, with a good varitey of music, which i have carefully selected.

I think this is more than sufficient, because unless i had absolutely nothing do, would i sit and listen to all the songs at one go... so i'd say for me, this is more than enough...
now happy listening to me and my ipod shuffle
did i mention the iPod mini is bigger than mine...? why's it the mini then?
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